for 15 days, we drove from portland to portland creating daily NARRATIVE light installations. It was incredible.

On May 5th, 2015, we had an idea.
On May 13th, we launched a Kickstarter.
On May 31st, just 19 days later, our sucessfully funded campaign ended.
On June 1st, we hit the road

The goal of the project was to rapidly create compelling work, and augment our found environment, while reflecting on narrative themes surrounding adventuregrowing up, and brotherhood.

Each day that follows built on the previous, into an overarching, constantly unfolding story, that was shared live with our Kickstarter backers on multiple platforms.

We've released all of the videos and are rolling out detailed process posts with behind the scenes, audio logs, concept sketches & storyboards. There's more content than we could possible have shared along the way, so subscribe for updates and we'll share news with you first.


We made some things inspired by our adventure.

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Projecting West Poster — Light
2-color print
Printed on 100# index gray
16 x 20 inches

Signed and numbered, edition of 60.

Portland | Portland Patch
Embroidered patch made in PA, USA
9-colors, 2.75" round

Each day along our journey, a theme surfaced.

For each day, Mike drew these beautiful, original sketch illustrations, sent to 15 early backers. They turned out so nice, we made prints.

DAY 1 – Dawn
DAY 2 – Reasons / Nest
DAY 3 – Farewell
DAY 4 – Potential Energy
DAY 5 – Searching
DAY 6 – Realignment
DAY 7 – Re-search
DAY 8 – Oasis
DAY 9 – Love Lost
DAY 10 – Serendipity
DAY 11 – Comparative Fears
DAY 12 – Overload
DAY 13 – Comrade
DAY 14 – Momentum
DAY 15 – Arrival

Location Sketch Miniprints
Illustrations by Mike Ackerman 
Postcard size (5.47" x 4.21") 
Printed on recycled matte paper.




Craig Winslow 

An experience designer & 3D artist creating projects that blend physical & digital in meaningful ways. He grew up around Portland, ME and is discovering how confusing it is to move to another Portland.


Mike Ackerman 

A concept designer & illustrator with an innate ability to infuse the feeling of entire worlds hiding within his creations. He’s also an eagle scout, so that doesn’t hurt to have around during adventures.